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Company was founded in August 1995, as a subordinate company of OTAX Corporation in Japan, with the registered capital of 12 million USD and an investment of 24 million USD. Company has a factory area of 40,449 square meters, 3,500 square meters of storehouse and 1100 square meters of office building, and ......
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OTAX Electronics (ShenZhen)Co., Ltd 2006 [email protected] All Rights Reserved
FeL: 86(755)29875222 Fax: 86(755)29875666 E-mail:[email protected]
Address:Building No.A3,The second Industrial Zone,Shajing Industry Co.,Shafu Road,
Shajing Town, Baoan,Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,P.R.C
YUE ICP Note 10063115

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